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News and E-mail messages may carry active scripts that could transport viruses to your computer. As a result these file types are all being changed to HTML on this server. The content is otherwise unchanged.

Certain characters ($, *, @, #, >, <, =, ^) are interpreted by the Index Server as command delimiters. To perform a search on keywords which contain any of these characters, wrap the keyword(s) in quotation marks.
"rdm$bind_buffers" or "SQL*NET"

This search engine only indexes the messages of the Rdb Listserver since 1991. News group searching is no longer supported. If you would like to search news groups, please use http://groups.google.com/.


The recommended browser for this search engine is Netscape Navigator 4.5.  Testing was done with IE 5 and Netscape 4.5, and while both browsers work fine, viewing a .eml or .nws message in IE 5 will strip out all of the header information. Netscape displays the .eml and .nws files in a much more aesthetically pleasing way and retains all of the header information contained in the message file.

Furthermore, if you are using IE and encounter error #800c0011, we've found that the problem has to do with a particular DLL being out-of-date, and patching or upgrading to version 5.01 of IE seems to fix this behavior.

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