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Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. Oracle Rdb and Oracle Rdb LogMiner are trademarks of Oracle Corporation. Windows NT and Windows 2000 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. OpenVMS is a trademark of HP Corporation. Tuxedo is a trademark of BEA Corporation.

Presentations and some other material are in Adobe®  Acrobat® (PDF) format. You can easily acquire an Adobe® Acrobat® reader for your web browser.

These web pages also make use of images from Google, MapQuest and images from the US Geological Survey as reflected on a Microsoft page. Microsoft is also the source of the query tips.

The photos and explanations included on these pages are also copyright, JCC Consulting, Inc, 2005. The photos are cropped and captioned by Cheryl Jalbert, JCC Senior Consultant. All photos were also taken by Cheryl, except for the following:


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