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JCC is a consulting firm specializing in information technology solutions. JCC combines wide-ranging practical experience with solid theoretical background, on-going research, and development of robust, flexible tools.

JCC clients have some of the most demanding information technology needs on the planet. JCC clients rely on JCC to produce stable, accurate, and timely results.






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News Announcements

  • At the end of March, JCC is offering THE class for in-depth understanding of how to tune an Rdb database. Read the abstract or contact us to see if this is the training you have been needing. You may register here to join us March 31 - April 4, 2014.

  • On April 8, 2014, Keith Hare is to receive an International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) award for his leadership in bringing Big Data considerations and standards to the fore in standards discussions. Keith (pictured below) has been a JCC Consultant since 1985, has represented JCC on standards committees since 1992, and has been Convenor (chair) of the international committee on database standards since 2005.

  • Some shops are having difficulty hiring the Oracle Rdb database skills that are needed, JCC offers two solutions that can be used individually or combined. JCC can train individuals that have skills in systems management or in any database to be knowledgeable with Oracle Rdb. JCC's on-call services can be used to provide additional expertise during a transition or when in-house resources are thin. Indeed, JCC has formalized JCC DBA and DBA Compass in response to client requests for outsourcing and support.

  • On Friday, June 7, 2013, HP announced that it will not be supporting OpenVMS on Poulson. This denies the expected growth path for many database systems with critical needs for high performance. It also provides significant doubt about the future for enterprises with less critical demand for performance. JCC has prepared statements about alternatives for the future. Please contact JCC to receive further information.

  • Should industry announcements or trends have you considering migration from one database platform to another or should you have applications based on more database platforms than Rdb, JCC has the expertise to help you develop a successful architecture. Since the early ninties, JCC Consultants have been developing migration strategies that permit the business to continue running without interruption while replacing data support. Since 2000, JCC has had a tool, the JCC LogMiner Loader, which supports low risk migration architectures and architectures for transparent sharing of data changes between Rdb and other database platforms that you may support in your shop.

  • JCC Consulting is sponsoring a new enterprise - JCC Hosting - to provide managed, hosted, services for small to mid-sized businesses in central Ohio. More information is available at JCCHosting.com.

Keith W. Hare
JCC Senior Consultant
and Convenor

presenting an update on the
International SQL Standards for the
"Seminar on Information Management Technical Standards,"
 Ürümqi, China.


Photo by Jeorn Bartels, WG3 participant from Germany.

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