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When considering conversion from one database, one software tool, or one application architecture to another, it is essential to have the services of experts. JCC's wide experience with application architectures and conversions, as well as the JCC toolset, make JCC an extremely valuable resource in these endeavors.

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Technologies change over time. Do you need help bridging the gap from one to the other?

Pressures for Conversion

There are multiple reasons for conversion projects:

Being explicit about your reasons for starting a conversion project is one of the first steps toward success.

Risks to Analyze

There are also multiple hazards in conversion projects. It is important to analyze the following questions:

Approaches to Conversion Projects

When considering a conversion, one choice is whether you are starting over, doing a complete conversion of existing support, or creating a composite answer. Whichever you choose, presumably, you have what you like and don't like about existing support to serve as a guide to planning the new. Studying the impacts on routine use on the old can also provide important input to your plans.

Another important exploration is how you are going to get from the existing to the new. This isn't just a matter of developing the new ... or designing it or extensively testing it. How do you go from one to the other? Few enterprises choose to just "throw the switch" and go from the old to the new. If you are going to run in parallel, how are you going to coordinate that?

JCC Expertise

JCC consultants have over twenty years experience designing, implementing, and tuning information systems and applications, including mission critical systems in some of the world’s most demanding environments. JCC participants' expertise dates back to the early sixties and comes forward to the latest ideas.

JCC conversion projects are successful. JCC conversion projects keep a clear vision of the goals. If necessary, JCC conversion projects can keep it all running while changing out the most fundamental parts.

JCC's database expertise embraces the SQL standard and theoretical underpinnings, as well as detailed practical experience. JCC's greatest database product expertise is with Rdb. JCC also has experience with recent versions of Oracle and smaller amounts of experience with other database products.

JCC is fluent in most programming languages and approaches. JCC is an advocate of object-oriented approaches, modular code, and structured engineering. JCC has experience with a range of hardware and operating systems, as well as middleware and other software.

JCC consultants also utilize JCC tools to minimize the uncertainty of conversion. If the current support involves an Rdb database, JCC tools can provide valuable information on how the database is currently being used and can be used to move the data and/or keep systems in sync. JCC has also developed and used software to read a new data resource and present the information to old systems until those systems can be replaced.

JCC maintains a diversity of hardware and software and purchases additional equipment or software as necessary to support new projects. JCC also maintains in excess of a terrabyte of online storage for running and testing projects.

Alternate Roles for JCC in Your Conversion Project

JCC has been quite successful in working with others in varied groups. JCC can do your conversion, provide architectural review, or participate at any stage of your project. JCC can work in combination with your own personnel or in concert with teams from other resources.


There are many reasons for conversion projects. There may also be risks to your enterprise. For a successful conversion project:

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