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With twenty-five years of experience with a large variety of client situations, JCC Consultants have developed some extremely useful tools. Some of these have been further enhanced to make them available as products.

Discussed here are:

Jeff Jalbert, Keith Hare & participants in 
the LogMiner Loader Workshop
in San Francisco, California, USA

Photos courtesy of Fujihira Mitsuho, HP, Japan 

JCC LogMiner Loader™

The JCC LogMiner Loader™ is used in a variety of mission critical architectures to transmit the changes from an Rdb™ database to another data store. Target platforms include Oracle 10G (and previous versions), Rdb, Tuxedo, XML (to the customer's own API), and Class 4 JDBC drivers (opening the list to a wide-range of additional end targets.  Targets can contain all of the data or a subset of the data in the source as well as a variety of materialized data (such as commit time stamps). With some restrictions, the Loader can support transforms from one data model to another. The JCC LogMiner Loader™ is high throughput, robust in the face of environmental or downstream difficulties, and flexible. The Loader also provides extensive monitoring options and other tools to assist the DBA. Loader applications include replication for remote copies, rollup of local databases to a corporate database, data warehousing, conversion, database reorganization, regression testing, and others. Specific case studies are available.

The LogMiner Loader features page provides a more detailed view, including how to acquire the full documentation, the kit, and a trial license. An extract from the release notes details testing with different versions of the companion products.

A special one-day Workshop is often available at the Rdb Technical Forums.  These workshops present a comprehensive introduction of JCC's LogMiner Loader and illustrate how to install, configure, and use the Loader.  The Workshop is also available for presentation at a client site or at the JCC offices.

JCC Data Pump™

The Data Pump is a companion product to the JCC LogMiner Loader and is included in the Loader distribution kit at no additional fee.

The Data Pump can be used for initial population of the target, data conversion, or to repair the data after difficulties with downstream processing. The Data Pump "understands" parent-child relationships and can be instructed to "pump" specific data trees including a specified set of rows in one table and all the dependent rows in other tables. The Data Pump is fast and accurate.

A description of the Data Pump is also included with the notes on the Loader.

JCC Queue™ 

JCC Queue provides rapid, accurate queueing and dequeueing.  JCC Queue utilizes Oracle Rdb's row cache feature to maintain queues in memory for applications for which queueing cannot be a bottleneck.  JCC Queue is scalable, resilient, tunable, and capatible with mirrored data centers and hot standby.  In one installation, application transactions went from 200ms to 25ms with the introduction of JCC Queue.

The product also includes initialization procedures, documentation (including a discussion of tuning tradeoffs), and the JCC Real Time Visualizer for monitoring the queues. 

Tuning Tools and Methodologies

JCC has also, from time to time, shared with customers tools that JCC has developed and used for analyzing and tuning databases. To learn more about JCC's tuning tools and methodologies, Contact JCC.

Did your application and database fail to scale quite as you anticipated?

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