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JCC Consulting, Inc. sponsors an Oracle Rdb List Server. This mailing list is provided courtesy of JCC Consulting, Inc. Information accessible from or provided by this server is provided on an as-is basis. JCC exercises no editorial control over the infomation provided.

Below are descriptions of the list server, directions on how to subscribe and unsubscribe as well as where to go for help. If this is your first time subscribing to a list server, please check out our "Mailing List Etiquette" section on this page.

The mailing list is hosted at JCC for the benefit of the general database community interested in discussions about the Oracle Rdb product. This includes technical questions and issues, notices of meetings and events about Rdb, notices of seminars about Rdb and other items of interest. Postings regarding job openings and such are generally discouraged.

Participants are advised that postings to the lists are collected and indexed by a search engine at the following URL: http://www.jcc.com/searchengine.

The list is hosted by a mail exchange and list server product, MX, by MadGoat and is running on OpenVMS.

You may communicate directly with the list manager by sending e-mail to the address owner-oraclerdb@jcc.com .

Notes on coping with the world as it is ...

Some messages are sent to the list by administrative facilities, such as other mailers or auto-reply functions or because addresses have been changed. To prevent the list being filled with such junk we have implemented a policy of swallowing these messages. Periodically we review these swallowed messages for content and will, on the basis of frequent rejections, remove addresses from the list.

List submissions are scrubbed at least twice with different virus protection software, once at the JCC firewall and once by the JCC mail server. Also, zip attachments, executables, and some other attachments are stripped off.

Further, it has become necessary to screen those who have access to the list. This is merely to block spam, not to limit the access of anyone with a serious interest. The result is that the subscribe process is a two-step process with human intervention.


JCC's Oracle Rdb List Server

This is a mailing list for those interested in Oracle Rdb related issues.

Once added to the list, to send a message to the people currently subscribed to the list, just send mail to oraclerdb@jcc.com. This is called "sending mail to the list", because you send mail to a single address and MadGoat sends copies to all the people who have subscribed. This address (oraclerdb@jcc.com) is also called the "list address".

You should never try to send any command to that address, as it would be distrubuted to all subscribers. All commands should be sent to the oraclerdb-request@jcc.com


General Commands:

The following commands can be handled automatically through the " - request" interface:

SUBSCRIBE to subscribe to a mailing list
SIGNOFF to remove yourself from a mailing list
QUERY to get the status of your entry on the list
SET NOMAIL to remain on the list but not receive mail
SET MAIL to reverse the NOMAIL setting
SET CONCEAL to conceal yourself from REVIEW listings
SET NOCONCEAL to reverse the CONCEAL setting
SET NOREPRO to prevent the list from sending you your own postings
SET REPRO to reverse the NOREPRO
SET [NO]DIGEST to set yourself to receive only a daily digest of postings to the list
LIST to get a list of mailing lists available on this host
HELP to receive a help file
QUIT to terminate processing (skipping signature, etc.)

You must send your commands in the body of a mail message. Subject lines in mail messages are ignored.

How to Subscribe

Send a message to oraclerdb-request@jcc.com with NO subject and in the BODY: "subscribe oraclerdb".

As a result, you will receive mail from one of the JCC list server operators with some questions. After completing the mail exchange, you will be added to the list. This human intervention is necessary to prevent spammers from abusing the list.

How to Sign off (Unsubscribe)

Send a message to oraclerdb-request@jcc.com with NO subject and the BODY: SIGNOFF oraclerdb (your email address that you used to sign up for the list server)

            For example:   SIGNOFF oraclerdb jdoe@somewhere.com

If you send a message to "-request@jcc.com" to SIGNOFF and the body of your message lists an email address other than the address you used to sign up for the list, you will continue to receive list server messages.

Mailing List Etiquette

When replying to a message, most email tools include the entire text of the messge to which you are replying. This can make an excessively large message by the time it is the second or third reply. Please remove all of the text that is irrelevant to your reply.

Removing the irrelevant lines will also allow a number of people on the mailing list to receive these messages, when they would, otherwise, not be able to. For those who are using the UCX SMTP mail system, messages that contain too many "hop" headers (machine A.com passed the message to machine B.com) will bounce the message. Unfortunately, the UCX SMTP mailer does not differentiate between the "hop" headers from the original, included message and the "hop" headers that are part of the actual reply. Trimming the messages will help everyone on the list to actually receive these messages.

This will save everyone time (and a little bandwidth).

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hints and Tips from JCC List Server Operators

Forget what your email address is on the list? Send a message to oraclerdb-request@jcc.com with NO subject and the BODY: QUERY oraclerdb.
Sending a message to the list memebers? Send the message to OracleRdb@jcc.com and include your message. Having an appropriate subject line is useful, too.
Want more help on the software? Send a message to oraclerdb-request@jcc.com with no subject and the text: HELP.

We hope this is helpful to you,
JCC List Server Operators


Send mail to info@jcc.com with additional questions or comments.
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