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JCC's DBA Compass™ is not designed to be a full outsourcing of DataBase Administration. DBA Compass is, instead, designed as a resource for shops with existing DBAs who need some extra assistance. DBA Compass can respond when the on site resources are inexperienced in a particular area or when they are simply spread too thin to have all the answers all the time. JCC's DBA Compass is a security blanket that assures on-site resources of having knowledgeable colleagues.

People use DBA Compass for different reasons and at different times in the life of their databases. DBA Compass is tuned to the client's situation.

For complete outsourcing of Database Administration, consult the notes on JCC's product, JCC DBA.

This description of JCC's DBA Compass includes the following sections:

The staffing and resource sections are very similar to those for JCC DBA. Other sections are different.

Feel like you are moonlighting without a compass?


JCC's DBA Compass program can be tuned to meet a specific client's needs. The choices to consider and balance against one another and against costs are:

The cost of the contract is, of course, built on these choices. A stable environment that does not require 24 X 7 operation may suggest a low cost contract with up to four calls per quarter and a set price for emergency overruns of those provisions. As the support required increases and JCC involvement needs to be more proactive, JCC DBA should be considered as an alternative.


JCC has found a convenient and powerful approach that suits most situations. 

E-mail Broadcast

JCC will provide a unique e-mail address to which internet messages may be sent. Mail arriving at this address is immediately reflected to a number of personal e-mail addresses, pagers, cell phones, etc. In this way, notification of questions and issues is received promptly and can be addressed promptly. This approach has the added advantage of leaving a record so that all JCC DBA experts working with the client can understand the history of issues.

Connection During a Call Follow-Up

Once a call is initiated, a JCC Consultant will phone the person initiating the call and/or connect to the system that is the subject of the call. Working together, the consultant and the caller will resolve the issue.

JCC can initiate connections to the databases maintained either through dial-in access or through the internet using VPN (virtual private network) connections. The later supports better service. VPN access can utilize the VPN software and remote nodes that are adapted to the security constraints of the client.


JCC consultants have over twenty years experience designing, implementing, and tuning Rdb databases, including mission critical databases in some of the world’s most demanding database environments. JCC consultants also have a great deal of experience with telephone support and mentoring.

JCC's DBA Compass relies on this team of experienced consultants to receive "calls," ask questions, and resolve difficulties.

JCC is recognized as the premiere Oracle Rdb database consulting company and can bring unique skills to the management of Rdb databases. All consultants who support JCC's DBA Compass program are JCC Senior Consultants who have extensive experience with mission critical systems and databases.

JCC’s experience with Rdb dates from before Digital Equipment Corporation released it as a product. The first public training sessions offered by Digital were done by a JCC consultant! JCC has maintained a strong relationship to Rdb Engineering through all the growth of the product, related products, and the applications that use it. JCC is, currently, Oracle’s designated Rdb training provider for the Americas

All JCC consultants have extensive real world experience with diverse database needs. JCC consultants are not strangers to the requirements of databases that must function smoothly 24 X 7.

JCC consultants have designed or tuned the highest performance Rdb databases on the planet.

JCC clients operate in a diversity of business arenas including Manufacturing, Energy, Banking, Transportation, Entertainment, Retail, Education, Software, Trading, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Stock Exchanges, and numerous others.

JCC’s customer base is international with many concerns that are themselves international and with specific clients in the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia, and others.

JCC Resources

Besides experienced consultants, JCC calls on an extensive computing environment for research, testing, and client support. Resources include:

On-Site and Remote

For the most part, JCC's DBA Compass is a remote service. For on-site work, extra consulting can be added or JCC DBA can be used for full outsourcing.

Send mail to info@jcc.com with additional questions or comments.
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