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JCC offers training on demand, on site, at Forums, and by special arrangement. Please tell us how to utilize some of these approaches to meet your needs:

Granville, OH March 31 - April 4, 2014 Oracle Rdb Performance and Tuning: Query Tuning and Locking

We also welcome your suggestions for other seminars that you need as on sites or on demand seminars at other times and locations. Tell us your "wishlist" of topics and locations. For even better results, tell us any timing constraints and the backgrounds of the people who would like to enroll in the training.

The seminar listings provide a brief description of existing seminars.  A more complete description is available by clicking on any of the titles.  The general training notes describe some of the policies and options.  Indicate your preferences for additional seminars with email.

Get a seat before the parade passes by.

Send mail to info@jcc.com with additional questions or comments.
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