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JCC welcomes visitors from around the world for our seminars and other special opportunities. Fortunately, there is a major airport nearby and Granville is a fairly inexpensive and very pleasant place to visit.

Arriving by Plane

If you're traveling, it may help to know that the public airport to use is Port Columbus (CMH), Columbus, Ohio, USA.

There is also a closer private airport. In either case, you'll find lack of public ground transport one of the few downsides of the visit.

Getting to Granville

It's about forty minutes from the airport to Granville by car or taxi. Once in Granville, you'll find the JCC offices, lodging, and dining, all within pleasant walking distance of one another.

Please consult Google, or your favorite mapping software for maps and more detailed directions.

Granville Aerial

A USGS aerial view is used to provide a map of Granville and to point out some places that you may want to use. A legend for the red numbers follows the map. Find JCC (at #1) toward the right of the image, about a third of the way from top to bottom.


  1. JCC, at 600 Newark Rd.(Look towards the right of the view on the road that points at an angle toward the right margin.)
  2. The Buxton Inn on East Broadway. (Look left from JCC.)
  3. The Granville Inn across the street from the Buxton.
  4. Shopping and additional restaurants.
  5. Bike trail built on an old railroad bed. (Trace across the center of the image.)
  6. Denison University. (Upper left)
  7. Granville Inn Golf Course across from JCC.
  8. West Broadway, flag poles, Christmas tree, residential area, parks, and more of Denison University.
  9. "Granville By-pass" or State Route 16.

Alternate views are, of course, available with your choice of online tools.

Lodging, Dining, and Other Granville Notes

The Granville Inn and the Buxton Inn are an easy and pleasant 2-3 block walk from JCC. Each is well-kept, well regarded, and has a distinct charm. Each has a restaurant and a pub and they are close to additional dining options in the picturesque, but thriving Village of Granville.

The Granville Inn, (740) 587-3333, is a large, gracious stone inn built in 1924. The Granville Inn is a non-smoking facility, as is JCC.

The Buxton Inn, (740) 587-001, was built in 1812 and is owned, today, by innkeepers who have expanded it into neighboring houses while furnishing it all with antiques. The Buxton Inn offers discounts to JCC visitors.

The Cherry Valley Lodge (740) 788-1200, is recently built and pleasant. It is a short 10 minute drive to the JCC facilities.

A number of Bed and Breakfast inns are scattered throughout the Granville area.


Some of Granville's pubs and cafes are in this block.

Continuing east on the road shown, for four or five blocks, leads to JCC on the right and the Granville Inn Golf Course on the left.

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